Sample letter for Car accident settlement

Sample letter for Car accident settlement

This is to remind you that on the 20th of February, I met with a serious car accident with you Mr. Smith. The accident took place while I was driving down the Oxford Street and you suddenly came driving rashly from the opposite side and slammed my car from the front. You were driving in the wrong direction as that was a one way road and with such a high speed that you hit my car very badly, breaking all the front headlights.

You were certainly under alcoholic influence it seemed, and had no sense about the road directions. It is clearly your mistake which led to the happening of this ferocious accident. I have attached pictures of my damaged car along with this letter for you to see the force with which my car was hit. I was majorly injured in the accident, banging myself to the steering wheel so hard that I had a blackout immediately. I was taken to the nearby hospital by the local people and it was observed that I had major cuts on my head. For the next 3 days I had to stay in the hospital for full recovery. During that time, not only did I suffer physically but also missed 7 working days of my office.

Since it was clearly your negligence and fault, I would want you to settle my medical bills at the hospital and also cover the cost of the repairs needed for my car. I have attached a copy of the medical bills and the approximate cost of repair charged by the auto repair company.

I am looking forward to your reply, in less than 15 days from the date of this letter and in case you don’t revert back I will start legal actions against you.
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  • Sample letter for car accident settlement

    As you know, on January 15, 2014, I was seriously injured in a car accident with your insured, deepti mukherji. I was driving on a Link Park road and suddenly your insured hit my car violently from other lane and it got damaged. The accident took place due to the high speed and negligence. Due to this car accident I was unable to sleep properly because of severe pain in injuries and discomfort, also I was not able to go for my job which raised my concern towards my reputation in office. I was physically and mentally exhausted during my recovery period.

    Although my car is repaired but it cannot be drived in the same way and comfort as it used to, before the accident. During this period the expenses which occurred including medical and repair details are enclosed below.

    Total compensation of my injuries and repairs amounts to Rs.75000. Under the circumstances, my demand for compensation is fair and reasonable.