Sample letter for charity donation request

Sample letter for charity donation request

I am writing to you on behalf of James Orphanage Home. We extend our heartiest gratitude for the kind donations made by your company over the years. Only because of generous and benevolent people like you, children in our orphanage lead a normal life and get the privilege of attending school. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for all you have done for our charitable organization.

We are currently starting a new program, where children are sent for higher education after they complete their class 12 studies. This requires more funds as higher education is costly. We have initiated this program, to make our children no less than others and show them the path to success. With a graduation degree, they can excel in their respective fields and shine brightly out in the world.

For the above cause, we would request you to make any kind of donation you would want to. We would be grateful for any contribution you can offer. Either in terms of stationery and books or in the form of college fees payment. Any donation made by you, no matter how small, will make a huge difference in our children’s lives.
We hope you consider the above matter.
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  • exellent work
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  • Sample letter for charity donation request

    Let me begin with a big thankyou for helping us in our different endeavors for so many years. Our organization has recently come up with an effort to form self help group for Uttarakhand Flood victims, these groups will help the people who lost their means of employment to form cottage industry in order to create employment opportunities.

    This initiative will provide employment in rural areas which will reduce the migration of people towards big cities. We seek your kind contribution towards this noble cause. These victims dearth of even viable resources due to destruction of areas in Uttarakhand.

    I know that you will always be pleased to do such welfare work as I know your kindness towards the society. Through this act of your kindness many lives will be touched and will be able to earn their livelihood.

    We will be grateful for your support.