Sample letter for fundraising request

Sample letter for fundraising request

We are writing on behalf of the Abc old age homes. Abc old age home was founded in 2007 and since then it has been providing helpful living care for the senior citizens.
Since it’s been almost seven years since its establishment Abc homes is in dire need of a renovation. For this initiative we need your financial assistance. We request you request you to contribute some funds for the same.

Your contribution of any amount would greatly help. You can contribute the amount you wish to in the name of your company or personally.

If you could donate an item for our auction, provide food/beverages or clothing that would also be very helpful, as you very well know we have branches all over and do help aged people when ever required in food, shelter as well as clothing. Please do help us in raising funds and help provide them with proper accommodation to these people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope you consider making a donation. We are looking forward to your positive response.
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  • Sample letter for fundraising request

    We are organizing a health camp for free check-up and treatment advices of AIDS in rural areas. We request your contribution towards the good cause that could save lives of many.

    Our NGO has been constantly supporting good causes like fighting crime against women and children, educating and spreading awareness of AIDS and helping them live a better life. Our efforts are incomplete without the support of people like you who have made contributions in various such causes.

    Our previous campaigns proved to be successful and were able to help 200 victims of AIDS. This time we are trying to take our mission to the rural areas where awareness and treatment, both are not available. Our current fund for the cause doesn’t prove to be adequate for the kind of financial help we shall be providing to be the victims.

    We have collaborated with a known hospital society to help us in the treatment of patients. Below are the details of the hospital that is in need of fund to make help available to the patients of rural areas.

    Name of hospital:


    Contact number:

    We would be grateful if you could contribute some amount towards the cause and send it to the above mentioned hospital. Our members along with the doctors of this hospital shall be travelling to various villages to spread awareness, check for HIV positive people and help them in treatment.