Sample letter for Income tax Exemption

Sample letter for Income tax Exemption

This letter is written with a purpose to request you for a tax exemption for the operations of the Emmanuel’s Home. This is due to the facts that Emmanuel’s Home – Goyla Dairy, Sector – 9, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110078 is a non – profit organization. It provides free shelter and education to homeless children.

As stated in the Section 50(B), Income Tax Act, that non – profitable charitable organizations are eligible to be exempted on tax. Hence, on the same grounds we request you to kindly consider our appeal for tax exemption.

All the financial documents, bank statements and some photographs are attached for your reference. You are welcome to visit us and carry your investigation as per your procedure.

Thanking you and looking forward to favourable response from your end!
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  • Sample letter for Income tax Exemption

    This letter is meant to inform you that our company, (company’s name), is a tax exempt organization that is run on charity and donations. We, therefore apply for an exemption on income tax.

    Our company is a non-profitable organization that was created for the sole purpose of educating, informing and uplifting the status of people of our community. Our company was founded by merely 10 members of our community, who were thoughtful about bringing a change for the development and betterment of our community, (name).

    Our people have worked hard to build up the sources and resources of the organization to make it this large. However, we are still not a profit yielding company that hires for benefits. Our staff members are volunteers who willingly work towards the social benefit of the community.

    Whatever profit our organization make goes towards the development of free schools and hospitals for the deprived people of the community. We also have a night school running for teaching the adults of the community. We strive towards making the people understand the value of education for the benefit of the community.

    We have attached documents in support of the financial help that our organization has continually been providing to the underprivileged citizens of the community. For assurance you can contact them or meet them in person.

    If you provide us a tax exemption, we shall be using the amount for buying some computers for the charitable schools and towards extending the wards in the charitable hospital. We shall look forward for a positive response from you.