Sample letter for school admission

Sample letter for school admission

We would like to apply for admittance of my daughter in the first standard in your revered school. We have attached her pre-schools credentials along with this letter for your perusal.

Her previous school was a kindergarten school and hence we are looking for admission of our daughter in your school. My daughter is an intellectual student and has done exceptionally well in all the subjects. She has also actively participated in all the extracurricular activities carried out in her school. She is an outgoing individual and has the competence to acclimate to situations quickly. By getting admission in your esteemed school my daughter will get the opportunity to grow and nurture herself into a good human being, while also learning to face the challenges of life that come her way and help her in achieving success in life and aiming high for her dreams.

We request you to please think over our daughter’s admission in your school. Let us know if there are any other prerequisites that would be required from our end.

Thank you for your consideration, looking forward to hear from you.
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  • Sample letter for school admission -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter for school admission

    I, Hemant Sharma am interested in the Common Yoga Sessions at renowned Air Force Golden Jubilee of New Delhi. I volunteered over 100 hours at the Yoga camps held at various places in Delhi in the month of February, 2014 which gave me the opportunity to experience and enjoy several different aspects of my life.

    I am currently doing my Middle School in physical science, which I feel will enhance my flexibility and ability as a Yoga guru. My subjects in Middle school have provided me with the knowledge of yoga and exercise.

    I have also been involved in various events done for special populations, such as people with disabilities and elderly.

    Through my research on deciding which High school to opt for, I found that Air Force Golden Jubilee of New Delhi is one of the top in the nation. I would be a proud student if I get an opportunity to be a student in the AFGJI Yoga program.

    I would enjoy becoming a Yoga student and look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration.