Sample letter for terminating apartment lease

Sample letter for terminating apartment lease

We would like to inform you that we will be vacating your premises by 30th of September. Our lease ends on 30th of November, but we would like to vacate the apartment early as we are being transferred to Bangalore city.

As mentioned in the contract, I will be required to give a 30 day advance notice before I vacate the flat. This notice fulfils the clause of 30 day advance notice requirement. I request you to please come and take a look at the flat before we leave; I believe you would find the condition of the apartment in a satisfactory condition so that you could return our full deposit amount.

In case you have decided to deduct any amount from my imbursements, we request you to notify us the reason and the issue for which you would be deducting the deposit amount.
We shall be cleaning the house before we leave, in case if anything else is also required to be done from our end, please let us know we shall get that work completed before vacating the house.

In case if we leave anything behind you could contact us on the below mentioned address and the contact number.
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  • Sample letter for terminating apartment lease -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter for terminate apartment lease

    I am writing this letter to notify you at Ambika Apartments of my intent to vacate my flat 30 days from the date of this letter. I will be vacating my flat on 15th February, 2014, the end of my current lease.

    I will be moving out to Air Force Station, Hyderabad and I can be reached at 9990881071 which is my personal number. You can also reach me at my email address that is mentioned above.
    As per my lease agreement, this notice fulfils the 30 day notice requirement before vacating the premises. I would like you to do a thorough inspection of the flat before I move out. I am under the impression that the condition of the flat is decent to receive the return of my full security deposit.

    I would appreciate if you would please forward my security deposit to the address mentioned above. I hope it is all settled between us regarding the return of my security deposit as required by law. If you feel that you should be keeping any portion of the deposit, you must provide mw with a statement of all accrued charges.