Sample letter requesting a copy of an official document

Sample letter requesting a copy of an official document

This is in continuation to the discussion I had with you on 24th February, 2014 about the issue of death certificate of my grandfather, Mr. Mohan Pal who expired on 04th December, 2013. As discussed, earlier Mr. Pal was a government officer who had served Indian army and was entitled to get the pension as approved by the government of India. As per the present rights since, Mr. Pal is no more alive Mrs. Pal is entitled to get the pension from future onwards.

Mr. Pal is having his pension account in State Bank of India and in order to further processes the application; bank is demanding an original copy of his death certificate. After the submission of death certificate, the process of transferring rights will be successful. Mr. Pal suffered from severe illness because of which lot of money was spent in his expensive treatment. After this mishappening, my grandmother is looking forward to get the pension amount as soon as possible. Please consider this letter as a gentle reminder to share the procedure to get the same issued. I being her only granddaughter am the person to help her get the same. My parents passed away when I was a kid. Now in absence of my grandfather also, I have to take care of her financially and morally.

Request you to kindly consider the above situation and help me get the certificate as soon as possible.
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  • Sample letter requesting a copy of an official document -Renita Rodrigues (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter requesting a copy of an official document

    I am a Mumbai University student pursuing MMS currently. The purpose of my writing is to make a request for a duplicate copy of my graduation passing certificate. I graduated with a degree in BMS in the year 2010.

    I believe I had not received the passing certificate along with my BMS mark sheet or if I did misplaced it unfortunately.

    I have attached a scanned copy of my BMS final semester mark sheet for your reference. If you need any other data you could reach me via e-mail: xxxxxx or via telephone: xxxxxx.

    I am sorry to cause you any trouble. I hope you can help me out with this request.