Sample letter requesting a promotion

Sample letter requesting a promotion

I would like to bring this into consideration that I started working in Estel Ltd four years back wherein I joined as Senior Executive marketing. In the span of these four years I have got lots of awards and appreciation for the contribution that I have added to this esteem organization. Giving all my best and achieving 100% on the targets allocated have always been my motto and goal. Along with team, I successfully added to the revenues to this organization. We have also increased our team for better marketing activities who is perfectly doing their job.

Two years back I got promoted to the designation of Manager Marketing and Sales wherein my roles and responsibilities increased. I started handling all the sales activities along with marketing and our sales team was regarded to be the best team among all of the others. After analyzing all the conditions, I would look forward to grow more and further continue adding more clients to the organization. It will be of great appreciation if you can consider my request for promotion and take it further to the management. I am sure they will understand the necessity and will take the decisions seriously. This increased level of promotion will give me confidence to do more and achieve better success.

Request you to kindly accept my promotion request to next level.
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  • Need sample letter requesting for promotion pending with may years, demonization after doing successful work
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  • Awesome post. Thanks very much
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  • Hello all,

    I would like to know you that, I require one sample letter format in which i want to express my some thought like below,

    1) Unhappy with increment

    2) Disappointment with my collegue's promotion (It means i want to express politely in the letter that i am unhappy with my collegues promotion because actually i deserve that promotion)

    3) I want to express my whole year work

    Please provide me the sample polite letter of above matter including above three points which can help me to get good feedback from management.

    Vishal Mistry
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  • dear,
    your letter example is very good, and a ideal promotion letter example. it is very simple and easy, it can use anybody.And it is helpful for all guys.
    Thanking you.
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  • Sample letter requesting a promotion

    I have been an integral part of your team for the past two years and would like to inform you that it has been a great learning experience. The varied projects that we worked upon have helped me gather tremendous knowledge and skills.

    I believe that I have worked and delivered according to your expectations. I have given my best shot and learnt from every team member and hence I find myself in the position to take on additional responsibilities and climb the corporate ladder.

    I request you to kindly grant me a promotion and provide me the opportunity to take up new responsibilities and learn more. I believe this decision would be beneficial to me as well as the organisation. I assure you that you would not regret it.

    I judge that a few extra responsibilities and a higher authority would help me prove my abilities and increase my confidence which would only contribute towards the organisation’s success.

    I hope that you would accept my request and assist me towards achieving my career goals.

    Thank you for your time and attention.