Sample letter requesting an increase in credit

Sample letter requesting an increase in credit

This is to request for a credit limit increase from Rs. 4 lacs to Rs. 5 lacs on our corporate account. Please find attached all details regarding our account which also includes the card number.

We were required to make a number of plane ticket and hotel bookings in the recent past for employees who went overseas on professional training. Therefore, we recognized the need for an increase in the credit limit.

We are certain of getting the approval since we have never defaulted on our payments. You can reach us at xxxxxx in case you would need any other information or documents.

Look forward to your quick reply in this matter. Thank you very much.
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  • Sample letter requesting an increase in credit -Smita Julka (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter requesting an increase in credit

    This is in regards to the discussion we had at the time of issue of my credit card. Though I wanted the premium member with high credit, it was told that after the six months’ time frame the credit of my card will be automatically reviewed and increased. I also raised the point that because of my job I have to travel outstation most of the times. It becomes difficult for me to do the billings of important unavoidable liabilities physically. Thereby, I have to make the maximum use of my credit card in order to clear out those billings. Next month I will be travelling out of India and in such circumstances, I will be highly dependent on the credit payments.

    Just to assure you that I have always been one of your loyal customer who have been clearing all the credit due on time. In past I have also taken a personal loan and house loan which was cleared before time. Keeping all this in mind I was expecting the bank to take a proactive action of reviewing my account and increasing the credit limit.

    I would like you to consider this mailer as formal application to request an increase in the credit. It will be appreciated if any one of your agents can contact and give me further clarification.