Sample letter requesting for a credit card

Sample letter requesting for a credit card

I would like to inform you that I already have an account with your esteemed bank. However, I hadn’t applied for a credit card at the time of account opening.

I have realised a need for a credit card and would like to make a request for the same. The name that should appear on the card is xxxxxxxx which is in accordance to the name provided during the time of account opening.

I believe the bank would have a process to follow to decide on the credit limit including checking my income details, financial status and so on. However, I would like to give you a fair idea of an expected credit limit, of xxxxxxx.

I expect to receive the application as soon as possible. Should you have any other queries you can reach me anytime at xxxxxxxx.

Appreciate your time and attention in this matter and look forward to speaking with you further.
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  • Sample letter requesting for a credit card

    Please consider this mail as formal application to apply for the credit card of your Bank. I am already having a salary account in your bank and also own one personal savings account. Three weeks back I received a call from one of your agents who explained me different schemes and offers available. There were different facilities available for different cards, which kept on increasing with the credit limit. After the telephonic discussion, I also asked your agent to come and visit my place. Last week I met him and realized the best card that will suit my requirements. As desired, I provided him copy of all the documents required to issue the credit card. He told that he would come back to me if any more documents will be required. But thereafter he told that there are few problems arising and that I should write directly to bank and apply for the credit card.

    Just to inform you that I am having my sister’s marriage next month for which I would urgently like to get my credit card issued. Early delivery of credit card will help me to great extend fulfilling my task of getting the arrangements done in time.

    Request you to please let me know if you need any further documents. If required then I will visit bank to personally collect the card.