Sample letter to a club or organization

Sample letter to a club or organization

This is regarding the organization Shiksha created two months back. Being a responsible society member I want to register a complaint about the inappropriate work of your organization.

The organization Shiksha was started with an aim to impart education to the girls. You are very well aware of the fact that this is a backward area where the girls’ education is not considered mandatory. But with the changing time it has really become imperative to consider girls and boys at the same level. Perhaps the people of your organization have forgotten the main objective behind the formation of organization. They are making wrong use of money. The amount in which 10 girls can get an admission is just used for the admission of 5 and there is no account of the rest of the money. You are the trustee of the organization and so I considered it right to inform you about the matter.

Please check the details otherwise it will be not possible for the common people to trust any organization in future.
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  • Sample complaint letter to a club or organization

    This letter is to register a complaint regarding the dismal state of affairs at Sunshine Club/Institute. I am a member of the club/institute along with my wife Gladys. I am writing to let you know that the situation at the club/institute is simply unacceptable. The staff members have been very rude and discourteous every time I have asked about new initiatives of the club/institute. They have simply ignored my request for information or assistance on several occasions. When I sent a written request, I received no response for over 3 weeks. At the end of the final week, I was given a brief letter merely stating the new initiatives coming up without any proper description or information regarding these.

    When my wife and I joined this club/institute, we did so because it proclaimed to be an organization devoted to new initiatives such as social and cultural programs which would benefit all the members. Instead, we have not received information about any forthcoming events nor have we been given any kind of invitation to these events. I am certain that I have made a mistake in opting to be a member at your club/institute. Please take immediate action against this outrage. I am not happy with the lack of professionalism displayed by the staff and I am thinking about lodging formal complaint mechanism against them on account of this. If no action is taken within the next 6 months, please be advised that my wife and I will cancel our membership at your club/institute.