Sample letter to a health club cancel membership

Sample letter to a health club cancel membership

This is in reference with member ID:ABC012 valid from 13TH October’13 at your health club that has been a great experience in every possible way till date.

I’m extremely happy with the coach and his suggested fitness regime that has been of great help since I joined. However, I regret the fact that I will have to discontinue the membership as per the instructions of my physician due to the shoulder injury I’m suffering from. I’d love to join you back once I’m declared fit.

However, I would like you to get my membership cancelled at the earliest. It gets over in 2 months from now,(i.e. on April 30th, 2014) but I ‘d request you to allow me to withdraw the membership in the next 25days, as per the contract clause no.08 which says ‘one can withdraw the membership prior to the closing date, if a notice period of minimum 25 days is allowed’.

Also, I’d like to be informed if I’m eligible for any amount of refund during cancellation of my membership and that I’m expecting a fast processing of my request.
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  • Sample letter to cancel membership

    My name is ABC, member of your MN Health Club. I hereby notify my intent of cancelling my membership. My member registration No, is xxx0000.

    My membership plan was for a period of 3 years, which will end on 31st Mar’14. As per the membership contract, I have to either renew my membership or give a 30 day notice. I would like you to take this letter as my notice of membership cancellation.

    This decision of mine does not account for any lacuna in your services. This is just due to my lack of time to use the services. I have hardly participated in any of your programs, or joined any of the health events in these 3 long years. All I have done is a morning walk, that too not on a regular basis.

    I understand joining a health club means a lot more than a walk in the morning. Though money is not an issue, but its proper usage is definitely a matter of concern. Undoubtedly, I have learnt a lot many things after taking up the membership plan. It’s the first time I came to know the nutritive values of the various stuff, the art of cooking which could provide appropriate nutrition along with taste, the diet and regimen, the difference between gym work-out and regular day-to-day exercise etc.

    It was a nice experience with the faculty and the co-members. Though I am parting with a heavy heart, still I am happy to leave on good terms. I will definitely join again, when I can manage my time more efficiently to include health as a compulsory part of my routine.

    Kindly take my 30 day notice to cancel my membership registration (ABC, no. xxx0000), and acknowledge me for the same.

    Thanking you in anticipation.