Sample letter to a neighbour or a landlord

Sample letter to a neighbour or a landlord

I had never thought that I have to write a complaint letter to my neighbor at some day in future. But unfortunately I have to complaint about the noise disturbance that my family has to bear up daily at the odd times.

We have been neighbors from last 12 years, and have always paid priorities to each others requirement. It was going all fine till the time your younger son Aman was in hostel. From the time he has returned we have to bear up with extreme loud music all the time. Irrespective of the time whether it is day or night, your son plays music loud which is not suitable for the health of elders in family. My children studies are suffering and the things are hitting for worse.

We have been in good relations for years and therefore don’t intend to take any kind of legal action in the matter. It is therefore my humble request to solve the matter at personal level as soon as possible.
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  • Sample complaint letter to a neighbour or a landlord

    I wish to complain to you regarding the constant leakage of water from the adjoining tank onto the terrace of my flat. As my neighbour/landlord, you have the responsibility of seeing that the tank does not leak and cause damage to my belongings and the property. Due to the constant leakage of water from this tank, the mosaic tiles of the terrace have become damaged. The colour of the tiles has faded and the water has also eroded and chipped some portions of it. The walls of the terrace as well as its parapet are an ugly sight now. The water has seeped in and the paint has become chipped. Big splotches have developed due to the excessive and continuous seepage of water.

    Another difficulty is that the water leaking from the tank is forming puddles on the terrace floor. Constant leakage has caused shallow pools of filthy water to collect on the floor of the terrace. These pools of coagulated water are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There is currently a malaria epidemic in the city. The swarms of mosquitoes that have engulfed my terrace are a hazard to the health of my family and me. They are also dangerous for those residing nearby. As a conscientious citizen and tenant, I feel it is my duty to complain regarding this matter. I do not want to expose the residents of this building or any adjoining one to the hazards of malaria. The leaking water is also damaging the cement and paint is peeling off the walls of the terrace. Please take immediate action to solve this persistent problem.