Sample letter to accept apology

Sample letter to accept apology

Based on your last mail asking for an apology; we have accepted your apology for not informing on the meeting being cancelled.

The behaviour of yours was inappropriate and lacked professionalism that we accept from our employees and other colleagues. Please make sure that this mistake is not repeated again and you do not cause any other inconvenience to your colleagues.

We expect you to respect your colleagues’ time and not commit this mistake again in the future.

I want you to assure me that this attitude of yours will not be repeated again.
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  • Sample letter to accept apology -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to accept apology

    This letter is in reference to the apology letter that had been sent to XYZ Trust on 31st January, 2014. We have received and acknowledged your apologies and we are writing to inform you that the Members of the Trust have accepted your apologies.

    We appreciate your gesture to send us an apology letter, accepting your mistake for the delayed delivery of the goods in the market.

    If you would have delayed the delivery of the goods by even 1 more day, it would have caused serious problems and inconvenience to the trust that has put a lot of faith in you.
    As was mentioned by you in your apology letter that due to unpleasant weather conditions, you could not manage the delivery of the goods, we understand the situation and hence you should not worry about the business relationship in future.

    We greatly appreciate your approach for handling the situation and kindness to send an apology letter. This was a small gesture of your professionalism.

    In future, we expect that such delayed services will never happen. High regards for the efforts made by you after realising your mistakes.