Sample letter to accept proposal

Sample letter to accept proposal

I am writing on behalf of CWD Company to let you know that we have acknowledged your construction company’s tender for our new contract plans. The top management has sensed that your company’s design was the closest to the designs that we had in mind. The project completion dates as mentioned by you closely match the completion dates as decided by our company as well.

We would like to start working on the project as soon as possible. We shall conduct a meeting to discuss the further terms and condition in regards to this project. We are looking forward for revert from your end as soon as possible.

With the help of continued co-operation our business expansion shall become successful. Thank you for your co – operation and attention. It will be great associating with you and your company.
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  • Sample letter to accept proposal -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to accept proposal

    You have submitted a proposal to me about a week ago which has been directed by my secretary to the CEO. It was given to me in no time but it took me some time to study it in details. I understand that you would want a reply to your proposal as soon as possible.

    With the proposal in mind, I am writing this letter to give you my affirmative answer to your offer. There are some things in the proposal that needs further clarifications but I think they will all be cleared up once we fix our first meeting regarding the same.

    I will leave the decision on the time and place of our discussion to you. But your proposal has got my full attention and has made me curious for the same and I find it to be of great interest. Do not be hesitant to tell me whatever is on your mind regarding our meeting, as it will facilitate further understanding between us.

    I look forward to have a fruitful relationship with you in future.