Sample letter to accept quotation

Sample letter to accept quotation

Based on our discussion to add some more floors to our hostel building, we have received your quotation for the same. We have thoroughly gone through the quotation provided by you, the quotations are within our budget and hence we are pleased to accept the quotation as well as to offer you the contract.

As per the terms and conditions decided, we will be providing you with the material and hence we shall provide you with all the necessary materials by next week end, so that you can start working on the project as soon as possible. It would be great if you could provide us with your schedule for the proofing to be done.

Please note that the project should be completed by the end of this year, i.e. December 2014. We request you to not delay the deadline at any cost, since it is an urgency project that we are looking at early completion.

Thank you for your interest and attention. It will be great associating with you, looking forward for a great association.
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  • Sample letter to accept quotation -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to accept quotation

    Thank you for your letter dated 21st January, providing a quotation of $50,000 for printing magazines.

    Please be advised that your Quote has been approved and accepted as it is within our budget.

    This Purchase Order is issued under and incorporates the terms and conditions of the Open Standing Offer Agreement between the Department of Home Education and Long Strong Inc. dated February 16, 2014 for the provision of Educational Magazines and Magazines for Infrastructure and Capital asset.

    Below is to confirm the key details of the engagement:

    Authorisation Number: 5AF67BDM
    Description of work: Educational Magazines
    Key Personnel: Hemant Sharma -CEO
    Start Date: February 21, 2014
    Proposed End Date: March 21, 2014
    Agreed fee/rates/engagement cost: $50,000

    Please let us know your proposed schedule for proofing.