Sample letter to accept resignation

Sample letter to accept resignation

This letter is in reference to your resignation application dated 1st January, 2013. It is with great regret we accept your resignation from your position of Retail Merchandiser.

As you are aware, you will be required to serve a notice period of 1 month. We acknowledge the early notice and your responsibility to hand over your onuses completely as soon as possible.

Please carry on implementing your usual high standards of performance during your remaining time with the organization and also in the new organization that you will soon be joining.

We wish you good luck for your future endeavours. If we can provide any reference for your future works then do let us know, we will be happy to help you.
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  • Sample letter to accept resignation -Hemant Sharma (03/25/14)
  • Sample letter to accept resignation

    We are really sorry that you have decided to leave POC Associates, but we can only respect your will and wish you the best in your next endeavour. We would also like to thank you for your efforts while you were at POC Associates.

    It is with great regret we accept your resignation from the position of a Manager which you submitted earlier on 11th February, 2014.

    We really appreciate the time you have given to this company and would like to applaud for your gesture of giving the early notice. Hardworking and dedicated employees like yourself are hard to find. Thus, filling a void created by your resignation is very difficult to fill in.

    As per company's policies and our agreement, your last working day will be 31st March, 2014. We wish you best of luck.

    You have always been an integral part of our company and we expect you to maintain the same high standards during the notice period. You would also know that conditions of the employment will still apply, and it would be expected from you to stay on your feet and do your job as usual.

    I am happy to provide a reference if required.