Sample letter to Advocate/ Oppose legislation

Sample letter to Advocate/ Oppose legislation

I am writing this letter to you since as our family lawyer, we would like you to formally handle a case for us.

A new family has shifted in our neighbourhood and they have been parking their car right outside our gate since last 10 days. We have made multiple requests to them, to park the car elsewhere since it blocks the entrance to our house and causes lot of inconvenience. However, every time they act very rudely and argue that the place doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the government and anyone can use it.

We have explained to them that it is a part of the total area of our plot. However, this misbehaviour is still continuing in spite of our requests and appeals.

We would like you to formally handle the situation and issue a legal notice to them since they are trespassing into our private property. We would want you to come with a notice as early as possible and if the need be, take the matter to the court.

Thanking you!
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  • Sample letter to Advocate/ Oppose legislation -Farhana Afreen (03/21/14)
  • Sample letter to Advocate/ Oppose legislation

    As a regular traveler of local trains in (name of city), I am writing this to you in support of the bill initiated to make arrangements for women’s compartment. I strongly support, Mrs. XYZ’s initiative bill for the establishment of special women’s compartment.

    The local trains in our area have no special compartment for women which make daily travelling very uneasy especially during rush hours of the day. Hundreds and thousands of women in our city commutes through local trains for everyday purposes like going to office and college. We want the railway ministry to understand our need for a special compartment in every local train that runs across the city.

    Eve-teasing and other such heinous crimes are increasing at a considerable rate in the city. It becomes very uncomfortable for women who travel during rush hours. Reporting crimes of eve-teasing in such rush yields no results. For evidence you can check the number of complaints made by female travelers of local trains. The convict escapes easily with the excuse of rush and scarcity of space in local trains.

    Like in other big cities where there are special compartments for women in local trains, we demand for the same initiative to be strictly taken in our city. This could be an effective measure by the government in support of crime against women.

    A special compartment reserved only for women would ensure safe travelling for female in rush hours and during night for working women. We believe it is our right to ask for a secure and safe traveling and the government must respond to the needs to such a vast populace of the city.