Sample letter to announce a business or professional contact

Last month while attending the convention in Delhi, I met Ms. Sangeeta Mathur. She is the director of marketing for SM Associates in Delhi and has been responsible for marketing several successful products.

Since we are looking for a marketing firm for a long time, I think Ms. Mathur fits the bill perfectly. I have personally visited her office and went through her work portfolio which I found to be very impressive. She is the kind of person who you want to have along on long shifts or in challenging situations. Her sociable personality suits her well for work in marketing.

I briefly had a discussion with her about our products and she had some excellent ideas about how to present our product. I think it would be in our best interest to talk with her more.

You can have a look at the enclosed portfolio. It will give you an idea about her credentials and achievements. If she seems appropriate to you I would be pleased to schedule a meeting soon.
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  • Sample letter to announce a business or professional contact

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