Sample letter to announce a change in your business address

Sample letter to announce a change in your business address

We are pleased to announce that the office of our company, ABC shall soon be shifting to a new location, which is our newly constructed office. Please note our new business address:

Building name,
Floor no,
Street name,
City, State.
Pin code:

Our new office was under construction for the past 10 months and is at the verge of completion. ABC is thrilled to welcome all its employees at the inauguration of our new office on (date) at (time). There is a small inauguration party organized to commence the celebration of our bigger, better and technically advanced office.

We have equipped our new office with better and advanced system that shall make available a more comfortable ambience for our employees to work in. Security system is also enhanced with the advanced system of swipe card locking system. All our employees shall be given their swipe cards on the day of inauguration.

It is the result of your dedication and hard work that has helped us to grow and spread our resources towards advancements. I am grateful to each and every one of you for your individual contribution towards the development of ABC. Your presence on the propitious occasion is very important for us. If by any chance, you shall not be present on the day, we request you to inform the same to Mr. XYZ.

Kindly note the change in our office address for further references and help in spreading the word to your acquaintances about our new office location.
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