Sample letter to announce a holiday - as business management

Sample letter to announce a holiday - as business management

The management is glad to announce that we shall be observing holidays on the coming Friday and Saturday, 7th and 8th of March. Since the day after is also a Sunday, we expect our employees to be having a great time with their families in the 3 day holiday.

Thursday, the 6th of March shall be our annual business meet for which our company has been selected as the host. We are proud to be hosting the business meet of the year in which more than 500 companies shall be partaking.

We appreciate the efforts our employees are taking towards the preparations and arrangements of the event. We have noted that the entire week has been very hectic for everyone here at ABC Ltd. and each one of you has shown an extra diligence towards the task allotted to you. We thank each of you for your contribution towards making the event a success.

Since some of our employees have also worked overtime to get finished with the assignments for the week, we are pleased to inform you that our efforts have been rewarded – we have finished most of our routine works before date.

For all the aforementioned achievements, we announce a two day holiday following the date of the event. You shall recommence office from Monday, 10th of March. With this pre-informed notice, you can plan a family outing if you were looking for one. Enjoy and relax your minds during the holidays.
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