Sample letter to announce a job-related party

Sample letter to announce a job-related party

To mark the extraordinary achievements of our company, ABC Ltd. in the annual business meet 2013, we invite all our full-time employees and their families to an official retreat. Below are the details of the retreat for 4 days.



We would also like to discuss our next big project in between this retreat so we encourage all of you to join in and enjoy the picnic. It is only for a couple of hours in the afternoon when a business meeting shall be held for the employees. Our objective is to provide you a relaxing time along with some work getting done.

The rest of the day, you shall be free to spend with your family or colleagues. The resort we shall be booking is a fun spot, built amid the beauty of nature including a beach at the front and hills behind. Lunch and dinner shall be provided at company’s expense along with accommodation.

There will be water sports and other fun sports to rejuvenate you and to fresh up you minds for further challenges coming our way. Buck up your weary bones and report Ms. XYZ if you are interested in joining the retreat. Also let us know who shall be joining along with you from your family.

Feel free to ask us if you have any doubts or queries regarding this retreat. We look forward to having a fun time with our employees.
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