Sample letter to announce a new program for drug testing

Sample letter to announce a new program for drug testing

Our company, XYZ is introducing an obligatory drug testing program with the cooperation of a private laboratory. The program shall begin from 10th March and shall be carried out throughout the year on a regular basis.

Last year we had to face some cases of drug addiction amongst some of our employees which was quite a scandalous situation for all of us. We were deeply saddened to know that some of our highly respected employees were amongst them. The drug testing program shall ensure no repetition of such incidents in future.

The test shall be done on a random basis in the office hours. Any set of employee shall be called for test by the members of a private laboratory. You will be asked to provide a sample of blood or urine inside our office premises. We assure you that the result shall be kept absolutely confidential.

If any of the employees is found to test positive with the presence of illegal drugs in their test sample, we shall aid you in treatment or rehabilitation program by proper medical assistance. Such persons will be tested for drugs on a regular basis and if found to be continuing drugs, shall be subject to termination or in some cases legal action shall be taken.

We are strictly condemning drug abuse and ask your cooperation in the measure that we have initiated to ensure a drug-free working environment.
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