Sample letter to announce a strike - as the chief of labour union

This is to bring to the attention of all the members of the workers Union that the union has decided to go on an indefinite strike from Friday February 28th. All the members are requested to refrain from going to office from Friday.

The situation of strike has arisen due to constant neglect of the demands of the union by the management. . Our demands of an increase in medical benefits, increase in pay and two additional paid holidays per year have not been taken seriously by the senior authorities in the organization forcing us to take the extreme step like strike and band. Increments and bonuses are long due and it is the moral responsibility of the management to look into these issues and address the grievances of the workers but the authorities have failed in this matter of urgent importance.

We firmly believe that our demands are truly justified and important. We hope that this dispute is cleared up soon so that we may begin working even more efficiently for the company once more.
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