Sample letter to announce a surplus in budget

Sample letter to announce a surplus in budget

We are pleased to inform that first time in 15 years, our company has experienced a huge surplus in yearly budget. The budget of this year has an exceeding surplus of Rs. XXXXXX.

We would like to congratulate every one of you for your excellent budget plans and strategies along with utmost maintenance, which has resulted in this saving in our budget this year. Our special thanks to the finance department for maintaining our company’s budget so economically.

The board members have decided to use this amount towards the upgrading of office machineries and other such resources. However, we understand you all have a contribution of efforts that led to this surplus in budget and would be pleased to know your suggestions for the usage of this amount. Keeping in mind that the amount be used towards the development of office resources, kindly send us your suggestions regarding the field where you would like this amount to be used.

We shall have to use this amount towards the end of this month so if you have suggestions for its usage, send a copy of the same to each member of the boards by 15th of this month. We shall not be able to consider your suggestions, if it comes after the aforesaid date.

Optionally, you are requested to cast a vote to the below mentioned fields where this amount can be used. These are the options that come from the director’s desk:



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