Sample letter to announce actions to be taken during a strike - as management

Sample letter to announce actions to be taken during a strike - as management

With regard to the undergoing threats of strike from our workers union, the management would like to inform the employees that we are negotiating on every means to avoid this strike. However, if the matter is not resolved this way and the worker’s union goes on a strike, we have an emergency plan that we can depend upon in case the situation calls for it.

Our foremost priority is our employee’s security so we request you to keep your distance from the workers of the union if they rage out. Use the underground parking way to come out of the office if the workers’ union gathers at the front door.

All undergoing works and submissions should be completed immediately so that we do not keep our clients and customers waiting. We would appreciate if some of you volunteer for an over-time so that we could complete the most of our pending works.

We would also appreciate if the employees take over some of the essential technical works if union of workers goes on strike. Please let us know whichever field you think you can handle temporarily.

We are trying our best to settle the dispute and demands of the worker’s union and expect to avoid all chances of a strike. Thank you for your cooperation and support.
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  • Sample letter to announce a strike - as the chief of labour union

    I would like to draw the attention of our labour union towards the demands we laid down before the company. It has been almost 6 months since we raised our voices against the low payment, no medical provision and for retirement solutions.

    We have received no valuable response from the management towards our demands. It almost looks like they are turning a deaf ear towards the demand of their labours. I tried to negotiate the same with the board members in today’s meeting. They are simply trying to delay a response to our demand from the last 6 months which is longer than necessary time needed to decide upon our meager demands.

    I have tried all decent ways to settle the dispute with the management but we are now left with no other option than to go on a strike. We shall be sitting on a strike from tomorrow morning and shall make sure that our demands are not ignored this time.

    The strike is going to be troublesome so I request those of you who are not good in health to rest at home for a few days. We have to stand for ourselves and for our rights as the labor of this company. Our pay is the least in comparison to the other company’s labour and the amenities provided to us are also not adequate.

    I request our labour union members to be present before the company building at 6 am for a strike. Let us pledge to stand for our rights and not stop till we achieve them.