Sample letter to announce an employee's achievement

We extend our congratulations to Neel Thakkur who has recently won ‘the best marketer’ award at the recently held NCA business awards. The NCA grants this honorable award yearly to leading marketing professionals in the various fields for their new and outstanding contribution.

Mr. Thakkur joined us in 2010 as a creative young man freshly out from a B school. He immediately attracted the attention for his phenomenal work. We are proud and happy to have him at ABC Ltd.

Our best wishes to Neel you have set today’s standard of excellence. Your futures look very bright. Hope you keep making us proud in the coming years

Congratulations, Neel! Your example is very inspiring to all of us in the organization.
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  • RE: Sample letter to announce an employee's achievement -Farhana Afreen (03/14/14)
  • Sample letter to announce an employee's achievement

    ABC Ltd. is glad to announce that our employee Mr. XYZ has done us proud with his excellent writing skills. His book, “title”, has been listed amongst the bestsellers of the country. On the 10th of March, XYZ shall be honored with “award name” by the literary society of India.

    Our hearty congratulations to XYZ for his outstanding achievement! His debut novel, “title”, is indeed a touching story weaved with the creative excellence of the writer in an unusually pragmatic way. We are proud to have amongst us, a thinker and philosopher as XYZ who can dare to write about the drawbacks of our society and the political system of our country.

    The book indeed is a marvelous piece of creativity which is worth the appraisal it is receiving from its readers. It totally deserves to be acknowledged and awarded with more honorary appraisals in the years to come.

    Whoever said, an IT person cannot think beyond machines and digits has been proved wrong by our talented employee who happens to be holding the position of (post) in our company. We encourage him to continue with his passion for writing along with rendering his IT skills to our company.

    We extend our best wishes to XYZ for his bright future as an IT person and a novelist.