Sample letter to announce closing of an office or store to employees

We regret to inform to you that as we had feared for sometime, that the merger between our parent company and Abc International has unfortunately had a negative effect on our sister companies including ours. In this regard, we are sorry to announce that our office shall be closed permanently by the end of this financial year.

Some of the employees here will be transferred to the head office. If you are in this list, you will be notified. We regret that we will be unable to take all of you with us. A generous compensation package will be given to those whose employment with us will end, and we would be very pleased to provide anyone who asks with a very positive reference.

We deeply appreciate our association over the years, and regret the events which have made this decision necessary. We thank you and wish you the best of success in your new positions, wherever they may be.
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  • Sample letter to announce closing of an office or store to employees

    We are deeply distressed to announce that we shall be closing our outlet no: X which is located in the (address of the store). Due to falling sale and demand of our product in this area, we are unable to maintain the outlet which has suffered from a great loss over the past year.

    We made all attempts to secure our business in the area but due to parallel competition and falling demands in our product, we are unable to keep this store running any longer. Dated (date), we shall be closing this particular outlet permanently.

    We are willing to offer employment to the employees of this store in our other outlets located across the city. Below is the list of our other outlets along with their location in the city:







    Those of you who would like to opt for a job in any of these stores are requested to contact Mr. ABC. His contact details are given below:

    Phone number:

    Email ID:

    Reference code:

    Please mention the reference code if you are opting for a job in any of our outlet. We highly appreciate your dedication, hard work and cooperation in managing our store. If you seek any further assistance in employment, feel free to contact me.