Sample letter to announce company's decision to freeze hiring

Because of the recent economic slowdown, it has become necessary for Abc Corporation to freeze hiring. We expect this situation to be temporary; however, until further notice, no new personnel can be hired. This applies to all levels of the organization, and shall also apply to pending applications filed in the last two months.

To get us through this period, some of you may have to assume additional responsibilities until business stabilizes. We realize that this may create difficulties for some departments; however, we hope that the current situation will not last long. Cooperation and teamwork between departments is will get us through this.

We appreciate your support as we cope with the current challenges and hope the situation will return to normal soon. All inconveniences caused are deeply regretted.
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  • RE: Sample letter to announce company's decision to freeze hiring -Farhana Afreen (03/14/14)
  • Sample letter to announce company's decision to freeze hiring

    We at ABC (company name) are announcing a temporary freeze in the hiring process of the company. Due to a certain unfavourable business drawback we have to put a momentary halt on the hiring process until our business stabilizes back to its original state.

    ABC has always welcomed new employees especially freshers. We believe in hiring the best intellects amongst a big mob. To expand our business, we had earlier planned on hiring more new employees and for that we were enthusiastically sorting out professionals amongst a large bunch.

    However, the sudden drawbacks in our business due to rise in the rate of dollar has led to some unforeseen hindrance since our raw materials are imported from other nations. We are making all efforts to tackle the crisis at the earliest and expect to come out with a solution very soon.

    Until the financial crisis is settled, we are sad to announce that we shall have to stop our hiring of new employees. According to our expert analysis, the term of crisis should end soon and within a month or two, we shall be back in competition. This is a time when we have to analyze what more we could do to avoid situations as this. We shall be arranging meetings and discussions for the same.

    In this period of time, bringing in new employee shall make it difficult in the framing of new rules and strategies. Once the aforesaid situation comes to an end, we shall begin with our hiring process and other development plans. We request your cooperation and support.