Sample letter to announce new job opening in the company

ABC Corporation provides a working environment that offers variety, encourages change and provides leadership opportunities to all employees. Due to are recent plans of expansion into the software applications industry and we now wish to hire highly skilled and experienced software engineers.

Applicants must have at least two years experience in the software industry along with having a Bsc in computer Science. Qualified persons wishing to be considered for this position must send an application, including an updated resume and cover letter, to the email address provided below by March 10th.

Email us at If you have any further questions you can call us on 112223.
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  • Sample letter to announce a new job opening in the company

    Our senior customer service representative shall be leaving his position on the 10th of April. He has opted for a transfer and we are sending him off to our branch in Kolkata, which is his hometown. His post shall soon be empty so we are announcing the opening for the post of senior customer service representative for XYZ Ltd., Mumbai.

    We would like to make the job opening initially available internally only. If anyone from you is interested in taking over the position, we shall want to interview you for the post. Additionally, you are allowed to make references amongst friends, relatives and acquaintances. Those referred by you shall be considered with a priority over the rest.

    Following are the requirements for this position:





    We believe each of you is a part of this big family here at XYZ Ltd. You understand our requisites and demands in a better way than the external people. We trust your referrals shall be made only to those who deserve this position and those that are apt to take over the responsibilities of our former employee.

    We shall be opening this post for outsiders after the (date). You can send in your referrals before this date so that we could consider them first. If we get our new employee from amongst your referrals, there shall be no need for an external opening announcement.