Sample letter to announce promotion of an employee

Sample letter to announce promotion of an employee

We are extremely happy as we announce the promotion of Mr. XYZ to the position of marketing manager in the marketing and sales department at (company’s name). XYZ has been working as a marketing and sales executive since 5 years with us.

We appreciate his zest and conscientious in his previous works where he has served in both marketing and sales with extreme dedication and professionalism. He has been punctual about the deadlines of his projects and has been very ingenious in his work. He has proved to be a keen and prolific employee in his field, always ready for new challenges and tasks. There is absolutely no doubt that he deserves every bit of this promotion.

His new position as the marketing manager shall include the following responsibilities:


We believe he shall carry out all these responsibilities very well with the support, assistance and encouragement from all of you. He shall be working on a new project which is soon to be initiated.

My sincere request to all of you is to join me in congratulating Mr. XYZ for his promotion and new position with (company).
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