Sample letter to announce retirement of an employee

Sample letter to announce retirement of an employee

It’s a moment of pleasure and melancholy as I announce the retirement of an esteemed employee of XYZ Ltd., Mr. ABC, who has been with us for the past 28 years. He held the position of marketing head and with due commitment rendered our company with profitable advices and strategies.

Mr. ABC has been very sincere and honest in every field of his career right from the very beginning where he showed patience and confidence to reach the esteemed position of marketing head. His achievements have been numerous which has always proved to be beneficiary for XYZ Ltd.

We shall ever remain obliged to Mr. ABC for his contributions and for the precious years of his life that he spent with us, taking our company to new zeniths. He has stood firm with XYZ Ltd. during the happiest as well as the not-so-pleasant times. We are glad that from now on he will live a relaxed life with his family, children and grand-children. We are sure they have a lot to learn from this wise man just like we all have been learning.

We wish Mr. ABC a great time and many exciting tours and trips with his dear ones. The man inside the grey hairs is still as fit as a horse and we won’t be surprised to see him going to some adventurous holiday spots.

None can ever replace the excellent skills and dedication of Mr. ABC but to fill the space, we shall soon be appointing a new person. There is a farewell gathering for Mr. ABC on the 10th of March, which will be his last working day. We request your presence at the conference hall as we bid farewell to the wise old man of XYZ Ltd.
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