Sample letter to announce the winner of a contest

Sample letter to announce the winner of a contest

We are thrilled to announce that the title of “employee of the year 2014” has been awarded to Mr. ABC for his excellent performance in this year’s projects and for his diligence in all that he does at our company, XYZ Ltd.

From the last three years this title was constantly being bagged by Ms. Ann but this Mr. ABC left us all amazed with his astonishing business ideas and skills that has benefitted our company in more than one way. Below are some of the achievements that ABC has individually to his name:






As noted by all the members of the board, ABC has been very prompt regarding deadlines and submissions. He has handled challenges and situation with a positive outlook and has always come up with promising solutions for our business.

We also acknowledge ABC for being the only employee this year who took no personal leave from work. The rest of you have also been very diligent and ingenious in your work and we thank you all for your part of work. However, it is sad that we can have only one winner for the title, “employee of the year” and that has rightfully been given to Mr. ABC.

As a reward, we have arranged for a 3 day trip to (destination) for Mrs. and Mr. ABC. It is a full paid trip from the expense of our company. Hearty congratulations to Mr. ABC for on behalf of XYZ Ltd.
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