Sample letter to announce the your savings plan as a business

Sample letter to announce the your savings plan as a business

We are pleased to announce a few savings plan that are optionally applicable to all the full-time employees of XYZ Ltd. Our savings plan shall be effective from (date).

Our financial expert, Mr. ABC has been working on different strategies to serve as savings plan for the betterment for our employees and also for our company. We are grateful to ABC for these efficient savings plan that has lately been approved by the director and all the other members of the board.

Below are the three fold savings plan that any of our employee can avail:

1) A tax sheltered policy where a part of your salary gets deposited. It can be from 10% or more according to your preference.

2) A retirement fund additional benefit where a part of your income gets saved. Availing this policy lets you benefit an extra 3% from the company.

3) You can purchase saving bonds.

Participating in the above mentioned policies is entirely your choice. We request you to consider the policies which are beneficiary to you. We shall also be discussing the policies in our board of directors meeting at the end of this week. If you have suggestions, feedbacks or queries, please feel free to talk about it to our financial head, Mr. ABC.

Those of you who would like to avail of these policies must report to Mr. ABC or his assistant in case he is not available.
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