Sample letter to bank for Cheque return

Sample letter to bank for Cheque return

I bear an account with the name, (name), in SBI bank since the last 10 years and have been an honest account holder with regular and candid transactions from my account (account number).

Dated (date), I deposited a cheque in your bank, main branch, of Rs. 30, 000 that was sent to me by a client living in Bangalore. The cheque was returned to me without any explanation or reason of its being bounced. Below are the details of my client:



Account number:

Name of bank:

Cheque number:

The client claims to have the required amount in his bank account leaving no reason for the cheque to bounce. The entries made in the cheque like my name and account number are also correct.

There are absolutely no charges or pending queries against my account as well.

Kindly investigate into the matter and do the necessary to solve the inconvenience I faced due to the return of cheque with no explanation. For any question you can contact me on my phone or through a written letter, whichever is preferred.
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  • Sample letter to bank for Cheque return

    This is to inform you that I have Savings Account No. 000000000 maintained with your Bank. I was surprised to know that my cheque No. 6784553 dated 22nd February for Rs 10500/- issued in favor of Abc Corporation has been returned by your bank stating insufficient funds.

    On 20th February there was a credit balance of 750000/- in my account and a further amount of 230750/- was deposited with you on 23rd February. There was sufficient time in collecting the proceeds of the returned cheque so there is hardly any reason that the balance to my credit may have fallen short of the required amount resulting in the return of my cheque.
    Due to negligence on part of your bank our company had to face huge embarrassment. Such kind of inaccuracy was not expected from an esteemed bank like yours.

    I have enclosed the photo copy of the returned cheque and my most recent bank statement for your reference. I would appreciate if you please let me know immediately the circumstances under which my cheque has been returned.

    I have been a customer at your bank since the last 15 years and have never faced such a situation. I hope the matter is looked into and solved immediately.