Sample letter to bank for Credit card cancellation

Sample letter to bank for Credit card cancellation

This letter is meant to request for the cancellation of my credit card. My account number in your bank is CXCXCXCX and I have been issued a credit card with the same account.

Credit card number: I have talked about this issue over phone with an executive of your bank but I would like to ensure the cancellation of this credit card through this letter. Below are the details of the last purchase made by me through my credit card.

Name of shop:

Date of purchase:

Amount used for the purchase:

I shall soon be going overseas for an extended period of time and my credit card shall not be usable in UK. Therefore I would like to cancel this credit card for the meantime. I would appreciate if you respond me with a written assent letter when my credit card is cancelled.
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  • RE: Sample letter to bank for Credit card cancellation -Lubna Lakdawala (03/13/14)
  • Sample letter to bank for Credit card cancellation

    I have credit card no: 000000000 with your bank. Under this credit card I have received statement during the period 21/12/2013 to 22/01/2014 of Rs.8, 033/- with payment due date 16/02/2014.

    This is to clarify that I have fully paid this amount on dt.7/2/2014 and this same amount has been credited on dt.23/2/2014 along charged late payment fee and Interest Charges.

    For this query I have contacted your customer care center many times but this matter has not yet been solved when I had called in your center. To say least I have been hugely disappointed by such esteemed company such as yours.

    This is one of the many problems I have face with your credit card. Thus I want to settlement of above credit card and I would like to discontinue the credit card, so I would request you to please cancel the wrong charges which you have debited in my account, and send your confirmation letter for cancellation of the above credit card no. After this letter I will give payment of any due amount of my credit card.

    Your early response will be appreciated.