Sample letter to bank for Credit Card dispute

This letter is to dispute an incorrectly charged amount on my credit card. My credit card number is XCXCXXC and it has a constant record of all bills cleared at the appropriate time.

I want to inform you that the statement issued to me from bank includes an erroneous charge of Rs. 10,000, dated 20th February 2014. I have enclosed a copy of the statement with the false charge circled in red.

This particular payment was cancelled on the same day since I had returned the purchase soon after. It was billed from -Creditor’s name. I have attached a copy of the cancelled bill along with the authorized signature of the creditor. I was quite surprised to find this amount included in my bills because never before has such an error happened in the billings of my credit card.

Please remove the wrong charge from my bills and issue me a correct bill so that I could clear off my payment on time.
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  • RE: Sample letter to bank for Credit Card dispute -Lubna Lakdawala (03/13/14)
  • Sample letter to bank for Credit card dispute

    I have a credit card with your bank. My credit card number is 000000000. Recently I received my credit card bill dated 22nd February 2014, the bill was amounted to 16,750.

    I am writing this to dispute an incorrect charge on my bill. I dispute this charge because I have been charged twice for the same item. The purchase at Abc restaurant dated 3rd February 2014 has been charged twice.

    I have also enclosed copies of evidence that supports my dispute. For your reference I have attached a copy of my bill and highlighted the disputed charge. I request you to look into the matter and clear the repeated charge and send me a fresh bill immediately. I have to inform you that I would not clear this bill until I receive a fresh bill.

    I have been a credit card holder of your bank since the past 7 years and have always received remarkable service. I hope that this dispute would be solved soon. I would sincerely appreciate your prompt assistance in this matter.