Sample letter to bank for Credit card replacement

Sample letter to bank for Credit card replacement

I want to apply for the replacement of my credit card which I have been using since past 4 years. All my payments and charges are cleared on this card and I am eligible to avail the newly introduced credit card of your bank.

Account number:

Credit card number:

I recently came across an advertisement for the new credit card offer made by your bank recently. I am interested in availing the offer for my further transactions through credit card. I found that the offer is not applicable on the older issued credit cards. Hence I would like to request for the new credit card.

My old credit card’s validity also ends this year. I have submitted the old credit card for a replacement. All other required documents are also attached. I believe there should not be any problem with the replacement of my credit card. For any further query, please contact me on the registered number or via written letter.
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  • Sample letter to bank for Credit card replacement

    I have credit card no: 000000000 with your bank. I am writing this to request you to provide me a credit card replacement.

    This is because the credit card I presently have is a national card which cannot be used internationally. As I am travelling to overseas for my vacation next month I would request you to please replace my current credit card with an international one.

    I have this credit card since almost 11years and throughout the period have I had a very favorable experience with it thus I would like to replace it rather than having a new international credit card with a different company. I have seen the facilities you provide with your international card and I am duly impressed.

    I am travelling on the 25th April and thus I would request you replace my card before it. If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact me at the phone number listed below.

    I would sincerely appreciate your prompt assistance in this matter.