Sample letter to bank for Waiving bank charges

Sample letter to bank for Waiving bank charges

I am writing this to you for a consideration in waiving or reducing the charges made on my account (account number) on (date) for being late in paying the instalment for the home loan I took from the bank.

I have never before delayed the payments, as you can check, and have been an upright account holder at your bank since a very long time. I do respect the legal rights of the bank to charge for a delay in payment but this has been a result of the adverse circumstances I am facing presently. I am currently going through a financial crisis due to illness and medical treatments of my father.

My status as an account holder has been strong ever since I opened an account here. My salaries are also credited to this account. I believe my bank must support me at a difficult time as this and grant a waiver on the charges allotted to me. This is a onetime request which I believe can be granted to me for the benefactor role I play as an account holder to this bank.

I shall be ever grateful if I get an affirmative response for the waiving of bank charges on my account.
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  • Sample letter to bank for Waiving bank charges

    This is to request you to waive the penalty fee and interest assessed on the below referenced account for the month of December 2013. I have Savings Account No. 000000000 maintained with your Bank since the past 12 years. I have always proved myself to be a reliable individual who has kept up with their payments.

    However at this moment in time I find myself in a situation where I would like to request that you waive the penalty fee and interest assessed due to late payment of dues. The payment here was sent only one day late because of end of the year mailing issues. The payment was received only one day late and I am asking that you waive this here as a one time, one day late receipt .I have been timely for all other payments and even this one was received. To me this is fair that such penalty fee and interest be waived here.

    Thanking you in advance. Your early attention will be appreciated.