Sample letter to cancel a membership or subscription

Sample letter to cancel a membership or subscription

This is in concern to the subscription of free health newsletter with your company. I enrolled for the subscription services two months back on 17th December 2013 with the email id I would like to discontinue with the regular monthly subscription.

There is no issue with the quality of your articles. The only problem is that I am not an avid reader of health topics. I started with the trial period just to check out my interest in the area but failed to find any affiliation with the subject matter. I cannot develop any interest in the topic pertaining to health. My area of interest is finance which is currently not covered by your organization. I would surely suggest your monthly newsletter to my friends in the health sector.

Please see to the matter earliest and cancel the free monthly subscription. I would appreciate to get a confirmation mail regarding the same on my registered email id
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  • RE: Sample letter to cancel a membership or subscription -Janhvi Johorey (03/04/14)
  • Sample letter to cancel a membership or subscription

    This is to confirm that I would like to cancel my membership/subscription to your club/ publication with effect from the start of next month. My membership/subscription number is DC-888999343561. I am cancelling my membership/subscription because I am dissatisfied with the services provided by your accounting staff. I had been overcharged for this month. The payment due from me equalled $500 only (and this includes service tax). But when I received the bill, I saw the amount was double of that. It was a bill for $1000. I immediately contacted the accounts department at your Los Angeles office to place a query regarding this.

    I spoke to Ms. Gladys Jones at the accounts department initially but she directed me to Mr. Simon Mathews. Mr. Mathews claimed that he was unable to attend to my queries as the right person for this job was Ms. Angelina Smith. He then proceeded to inform me that Ms. Smith was on a vacation till the end of last week. When I called the office on Monday, Ms. Smith came on the phone to inform me that the correct person for answering my queries was none other than Ms. Gladys Jones. I am quite annoyed with this entire occurrence and I have no wish to pursue this matter any further. I will be sending a cheque for $500 only to you for this month. Please contact me in case you have anything further to tell me regarding this matter.