Sample letter to cancel a rental contract

Sample letter to cancel a rental contract

This letter is pertaining to the rental agreement that we mutually entered 5 years back on 17th February 2009. As per the agreement if I have to vacate the premises then I need to provide with prior written information two months before I actually leave the premises. I am sorry to inform that I would be shifting to a new city within two months and therefore I have to leave this premise as soon as the starting week of April.

In accordance with the rental agreement I would be paying the rent of the last month in the preceding month and will clear all the dues. The house premises are open for the further inspection. All the things of the premises are in the best working conditions with no harm done in our staying tenure. You can check the same before we leave the premises. I request you to please cancel the rental agreement and return the advance deposit of 5 months. For any kind of further clarifications, I am available at my cell number 1234567890.
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  • Dear Manager. I have contract for ISD Austrelia and rent has Rs. 39/- p.m., I request you to cancelled the same with immediate effect under intimation to me.. 09824410488
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  • Sample letter to cancel a rental contract

    This letter is to inform you that we want to cancel the rental contract from Thursday, 27 February 2014. We are facing great difficulties at our rented office due to certain commercial reasons. Firstly, our business has grown tremendously in the past few months. We have doubled our number of clients and they find it inconvenient to sit in a small waiting room while we attend to those who came ahead of them. We are also dissatisfied with the heating arrangements provided at the office. Chicago is currently experiencing a cold wave and temperatures often drop below the freezing point during the night. As tenants, we have paid for the heating installations provided by you.

    However, due to poor maintenance on your part, the installations are not working properly. We find that this creates a huge amount of discomfort for our clients and staff as well. We will be vacating the premises with effect from next week. The inspection of the office can be carried out at that time. We request you to please provide an estimate of our current rental dues so that we can make the payment in full. We would also appreciate it if you could send the building supervisor to us so that he can check the state of the installations and electrical outlets once the office has been vacated by us. Kindly make arrangements to return our security deposit to us. According to our records, it amounts to $5000. Please let us know the time by which we should expect the cheque for the deposit. We do not wish to rent any property from your firm due to this experience we have had with you. Please close our customer account with your office rental agency.