Sample letter to cancel a reservation

Sample letter to cancel a reservation

I bought the special family accommodation package at your resort which was applicable for 3 days and 4 night stay in the month of March 2014. With due apologies I would like to cancel the special package as some work commitments have forced me to cancel my family vacation in the coming month.

I bought the package from the online website and the receipt number is 54637. I got the booking done by the name of Mr. Kunal and used the credit card with the same title to pay Rs 9000 as the booking amount. I got the booking done for 3 days starting from 5th March 2014 to 9th March 2014. The package is valid for the entire month of March beyond which it will collapse. As I cannot plan the trip in the month of March, so I would like to cancel the reservation made. As per the terms and conditions 30% of the booking amount would be deducted and the rest 70% will be credited within 7 days from the date of cancellation. Please refund the balance amount which comes to Rs 6300 and accept my honest regrets.

Sorry for all the inconvenience, and thanks for the mutual co-operation.
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  • Sample letter to cancel a reservation

    This is to inform the personnel at New Holiday Inn Resort that we would like to cancel our reservation at the hotel for the 24th and 25th of this month. My husband, George has been diagnosed with viral flu and we are unable to carry out the plan to visit Singapore due to this reason. We were really looking forward to a pleasurable stay at your hotel. We were quite impressed with the customer testimonials at your website and the amenities and facilities offered at the hotel were exactly what we wanted. The luxury suite at New Holiday Inn Resort was perfect in every way and if we were not constrained by personal and unforeseen circumstances, I am sure we would have enjoyed our stay at the hotel. We would like to obtain a refund as per the policy dictated by the hotel. We are aware that it is stipulated that 75% of the entire bill is refunded on account of sudden cancellations within 48 hours of the period for which the hotel is booked. We are informing you regarding the cancellation of the reservation within this period only. We would therefore request that you please remit 75% of the amount we have paid namely $6000 in our account. Please find listed below all the bank details for completing the transaction:

    Name of Account Holder: Ms Mirabel Smith

    Name of Bank: New Melbourne City Bank

    Bank Branch: 48, Wellington Street, Bright Worth Square, Washington Court, Melbourne, Australia-650009

    Account Number: MB-102576839414

    Remittance Code: 98078647

    Please let us know the date by which you will be remitting the funds to our bank account. Thank you for your services.