Sample letter to cancel an order

Sample letter to cancel an order

I am writing to cancel the blanket order placed on 30th January 2014 on the online website The online receipt number is 6785. I used the option of online net banking and paid Rs 2500 towards the purchase of the blanket.

As per the terms and conditions it was clearly mentioned that if the delivery is not made within two weeks, I have a right to cancel the order and don’t have to pay a single penny for the transaction. I am sorry to say but your services are quite poor. You didn’t fulfill your commitment of timely delivery of the product at the mentioned address. Moreover the customer care team present at the toll free numbers is too busy to look after the matter. I am a person with great patience and therefore waited for a complete month for the product to be delivered. But now it is the high time and therefore I cancel the order and want my money back within 7 working days.

In case you fail to act on the matter I would be forced to take the necessary legal actions.
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  • Sample letter to cancel an order

    Kindly cancel my order for the Nokia 12345C mobile android phone which was placed yesterday at 5:30 pm via your website. My order number is H98013753375K and I made the payment via cheque. I have instructed my bank not to remit the funds for the order and cancel the cheque. I am cancelling the order because I have suddenly incurred monumental expenses due to the denting of my car’s bumper in an accident today. I have to pay a considerable amount of money to the State of New York Public Maintenance Department as I accidentally dented my car by hitting a hydrant. As I am facing considerable financial hardships this month on account of this accident, I can no longer afford to buy the mobile phone this month.

    As part of the company’s 3 day sale withdrawal policy, I am well within my rights to cancel the order. I am also stopping payment and cancelling the order on account of medical expenses I am facing following serious head injuries to me as a result of the accident. I would also like to request you to please send me a written acknowledgement of the receipt of this letter. Please email me the order cancellation form as well. I will fill it out and email or fax it to your office as soon as possible. I am unable to access the order cancellation form at your website currently due to security software on my computer which blocks certain files. I hope I have not caused much inconvenience to your company as a result of my order cancellation.