Sample letter to cancel Credit card

Sample letter to cancel Credit card

This is a written confirmation letter to cancel the add-on credit card issued to my son Mr. Rajat Arora. The main card is on my name Mr. Prakash Arora and the card number is 76294765.

As per the telephonic conversation with the customer care representative, a written request is mandatory to cancel the add-on card. I intend to cancel the credit card as soon as possible. The card has been not used for any kind of transaction from last two months. All the dues are cleared with no amount outstanding. You can verify the status with your bank records. Please refund the security deposit of Rs 2000 made initially during the opening of account.

It is an official confirmation for the cancellation of the credit card. I would like to receive a confirmation mail stating about the cancellation status. For any kind of clarifications, you can contact me at my mobile number 26545-44664 any time after 4.00pm.
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  • RE: Sample letter to cancel ,membership -mskavanagh 1338555 (08/12/16)
  • I want to cancel my member ship with you as I cant afford the £98 fee I was told it was nine pounds amonth dont take any money out of my account
  • RE: Sample letter to cancel Credit card -Janhvi Johorey (03/04/14)
  • Sample letter to cancel Credit card

    I wish to inform Standards County Bank that I would like to cancel my credit card. The card was issued to me last month and I have not used it for even a single transaction so far. I prefer spending cash and I found the card to be very inconvenient as it requires me to remember the pin number. I am suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. On account of this, my memory is rapidly failing. My primary caretaker is my daughter Gillian. She is economically and financially independent and she takes care of all my bills. I only spend small amounts of cash on magazines and cigarettes. She pays for my health care, food and utility services. I have no need for the credit card and I have a difficult time signing the bill statement. My account is held jointly with Gillian so that she can withdraw cash from it if the need should ever arise. My daughter is a leading financial manager at Microsoft Corporation and she is clear that she will never need my money. I am retaining my account because I have sentimental memories of my days as a Project Manager at the bank. As an ex-employee of Standards County Bank, I am proud to have an account with you. But the credit card is superfluous and useless for me so I am cancelling it. My account details and other particular are listed below:

    Name: Simon Gartner Johnson

    Account Number: AG-2348579450

    Credit Card Number: SGJ-23450687174

    Card Issued On: 19th May, 2013.

    Billing Address: 643, Periwinkle Street, Diamond Square, Florida, US-3492841

    Kindly do the needful so that I am spared the hassles of caring for a credit card for which I have no use at all.