Sample letter to cancel Internet Connection

Sample letter to cancel Internet Connection

It feels really sad to cancel the internet connection provided by your company from last 10 years. The connection is on the name of Tanya Arora and the internet account number is 11925689.

Being in the communication and web world industry, you are familiar with the changes that are coming up everyday in the technology. Now it is not a time to keep using the conventional form of broadband connection. Things have changed from the system personal computers to the android technology on the Smartphone which requires wireless connection. Your company has failed to provide with the required changes in the internet connection. This makes me to take a hard decision to discontinue with the current internet connection and opt for the wireless connection with ABC Company.

I value the company’s outstanding service till this time. I request you to cancel the internet connection as soon as possible. A written confirmation will be highly appreciated.
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  • Very Good draft, i hope post such type of article further.
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  • Sample letter to cancel Internet Connection

    I wish to cancel my internet connection from 17th September, 2012. I am taking this action because of the high handed behaviour of the billing department at Berkshire Internet Company. As a leading internet service provider, you have a duty to ensure that your clients are billed correctly. However, I am angered by the mismanagement of your company and the inefficiency of your staff at the Accounts department. Gladys from the Accounts department assured me that my complaint regarding an inaccurate bill would be looked into. However, not only was no action taken regarding this faulty bill, but I was also sent 7 reminders via email to pay the bill. When I tried to call Gladys at the office, I was informed that she was currently on leave and that the complaint could not be tended to.

    When I asked if someone else could attend to the issue, I was informed that I would have to make the complaint again. I was also told that I would be charged extra money for the new bill due to delay in payment on my part. My point is, how can I have delayed the payment when I have not yet been given a new bill? I am very disappointed with Berkshire Internet Company regarding this and I do not want to continue using your services. Please let me know when the new bill will be issued to me so that I can make the final payment. Please note that I will not be paying the extra charges for the supposed delay in payment. If you have any complaints regarding this matter, please talk to my lawyer Mr. John Singleton who will be handling this issue on my behalf. If there are any further reminders to pay the bill or the extra amount, I will be taking your company to court on account of this.