Sample letter to cancel or postpone an invitation

Sample letter to cancel or postpone an invitation

Life is full of uncertainties. I am forced to say so as I have to cancel the invitation sent for the unveiling of the new product launch scheduled on 1st March 2014.

The company and the team worked really hard for 2 years to introduce the new mobile range in the market with all the latest features. It was our dream to launch the new product in the coming month. During the final testing the product was found to be lacking in some very important aspects. The research team advised the management to delay the product launch until and unless the problem with the product is solved.

The company has decided to launch the product in month of May 2014. The final date is yet not decided. We assure you that we will be coming back with a new invitation very soon. We sincerely apologize to cancel the invitation with a promise to celebrate the product launch soon.
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  • Sample letter to cancel or postpone an invitation

    John and I regret to inform you that we will have to cancel/postpone the dinner invitation for Friday which we sent to Joyce and you. John suffered from an acute attack of asthma last night and we have admitted him to the hospital. He is currently under medical observation. The doctors have indicated that he is fine but they have to regulate his condition to assess what brought on the attack. It is very important that John is given complete rest for one week, as per the doctor’s advice. Medical staff members at the Johnson Hospital where we have admitted him have also advised us to prevent him from undergoing any exertion or excitement for one month at least.

    We were really looking forward to the dinner party as we have not met in a long time. In fact, since Merriam’s engagement party, we have not had an occasion to catch up with each other. We issued the invitation hoping to meet you both and enjoy an evening get-together. But John’s current state is so terrible that we are afraid to put him through any kind of exertion. We are waiting for a prognosis from the doctor. John is hopeful that he will recover soon. We would love to have you both come to our home for dinner once the ordeal is over and the doctors have given the clearance for social outings. John was always prone to asthmatic attacks, but the severity and sudden onset of this bout has left us shattered and frightened. Please pray for us, so that John may recover and heal soon.