Sample letter to cancel your own credit account

Sample letter to cancel your own credit account

It has come to my attention that the company has increased the annual credit free by a hefty 30% which forces me to cancel my credit card that I bought from your bank.

It was one year back, on February 19th, when I bought the credit card from your company. It is registered by the name of Ms. Bhavna Kapoor, and the credit card number is 234566543. The commitment made by the bank was to charge an annual fee of Rs 500 per year till the year 2017. But it is now found that the company failed to keep its commitment and increased the annual fee by 30% which is not at all acceptable. Being a loyal customer I tried to sort out the matter by talking to the senior managers which proved nothing but wasted efforts. There are no left dues which you can cross check with your system.

An official closing letter is demanded by your bank to cancel the credit card on immediate basis. Please consider this letter as an urgent request to do the needful.
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  • Sample letter to cancel your own credit account

    I would like to cancel my own credit account due to inordinate spending. Credit has become a way of life for my daughter Michelle ever since she returned from Paris Art School. My wife and I were aghast to find out that Michelle has racked up a credit of $40,000 in just 2 months using my account. I am sending a cheque to cover the arrears due to company. I am certain that I will not be able to renew my credit account. The cancellation of my credit account is to ensure that Michelle does not have access to any more financial capital for spending on all her gadgets and clothes. I am also imposing budgetary restrictions at my household and I am keen to encourage Michelle to become more austere in her spending habits. I am closing the account due to this reason as well. I request you to please let me know what the closing fees for cancelling the credit account amount to, so that I can do the needful. Please let me know if there are any more procedures I need to follow so that the credit account can be closed permanently. I am also enclosing my particulars for your convenience:

    Name: George Michael Hanover

    Credit Account Number: AG-9083759374

    Date on Which Account Was Opened: 19th September, 1997.

    I request you to please cancel the credit account so that I will now be dealing with cash transactions only. Thanks for your professionalism and outstanding services.