Sample letter to claim Insurance

Sample letter to claim Insurance

This is regarding the insurance claim for my car. My policy number is 0000000059. Our Honda city was bought in 2011.and is thus eligible for the insurance claim.

On Wednesday that is 26th February 2014 my vehicle met with an accident. I parked my vehicle in the parking area at my office. Unfortunately a delivery truck tried to park between two cars and hit my car from behind. The body from behind got smashed. The repair estimate to fix our car is Rs. 30,000 to 50,000.

Our Honda city was bought in 2011.and is thus eligible for the insurance claim. When I realized this, I immediately contacted your customer care and gave the details. I have checked all my Insurance papers and realized that I am eligible for a claim.

For your reference I have enclose the picture of the car after the accident and the repair estimates. We want to solve this matter quickly and efficiently. Please pay my claim as soon as possible I am eager to have repairs completed as soon as possible since it is only the vehicle I own.

Hope you will look into the matter and reimburse my expense soon. Thank you for your assistance.
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  • Sample letter to claim Insurance

    Kindly refer my insurance account no.AD-346 with your company for Vehicle Insurance of my car no.MH02 7890 operational since last 3 years.

    My car has met with a small accident at Thane junction when we were on our way for a family vacation. A tempo dashed against the rear side of the car causing damage to the rear bumper and tail lights.

    I am submitting the insurance claim form for the said incident along with the photographs taken by me. The incident was reported on your Helpdesk by me and field officer has inspected my car and submitted his report to your operations department.

    You are hereby requested to process my insurance claim of Rs.37,700 within seven days as per clause 2/b in Client-Insurance agreement.