Sample letter to claim Tax back

Sample letter to claim Tax back

I am writing to request a repayment of an overpayment of Income Tax for the tax year (2009- 2010). During the year 2009- 10 I work at abc organizations.

Due to a miscalculation by the Abc organization I overpaid my taxes. According to my calculations, I have paid Rs. 10,500 in excess. The amount I paid at that time was Rs. 45,000/- whereas I was entitle to pay only Rs. 34,500/-

For your Reference I have enclosed all the related documents which should provide a complete work history for your records.

I trust this is enough information for you to process my claim. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 9800000000.

Hope you will look into the matter and reimburse my excess amount soon. Thank you for your assistance.
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  • Sample letter for Income Tax Returns

    My Name is Krita Kumar Singh PAN no. being ADBCTP3218H residing in House No.138 sector-19 Urban Estate,Chandigarh. I have not received my refund for the F.Y. 2010-11 A.Y. being 2011-12. The Income tax returns were filed by my Chartered Accountant at the local tax office at Nanak Chowk and refund amount was mentioned in the same. A copy of the tax returns is enclosed for your reference.

    The refund amount is Rs.6,300.00 (Rupees Six thousand three hundred Only) and my bank details are- Union Bank of India, Account no.567340000089,Bank Code 034A.

    Kindly process my refund amount at the earliest from the Income Tax Department.