Sample letter to collect Debt or dues

Sample letter to collect Debt or dues

This is in concern to the raw product that you purchased from us on 14th January 2014. The balance amount of Rs 20000 towards the purchase of the raw material is still not cleared.

As per the deal entered by the mutual consent it was decided that 60% amount of the raw product would be paid in advance and the rest 40% will be paid after one month of delivery. Following the same terms and conditions we delivered the product right on time as and when we received the advance cheque of Rs 30000. The commitment was fulfilled on our behalf. We want to bring in your notice that the one month period is already completed 15 days back and the balance payment is still awaited.

We would really appreciate if you can look at the matter at the earliest. In case there is some genuine problem with the cash availability we can discuss the matter, and can come up with a mutual solution.
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  • RE: Sample letter to collect Debt or dues -Janhvi Johorey (03/04/14)
  • Sample letter to collect Debt or dues

    We are writing to inform you that payment for the last consignment of men’s wear clothing from your company Jackson Clothing has not been received yet. As a leading supplier of apparels to clothing stores such as yours, Golden Star Clothes Manufacturing Private Limited expects its dues to be settled in time. We are prepared to overlook the delay in payment from your end this time due to the extenuating nature of circumstances that have affected the profit margins of retailers in the United States this winter. We are aware that the new legislation which prevents clothing retail outlets from collecting service tax for purchases below $5000 is impacting business profit margins in an adverse manner.

    However, please note that we cannot continue sending supplies to your clothing unit for free. We are going to run out of business if we start giving out free supplies to all our buyers. Our manufacturing company is based on the premise that we make neat profit margins by eliminating the need to establish or beat the cost of retail outlets. We cannot sustain heavy business losses as our corporate office is under a sizeable mortgage. Please expedite matters so that the payment is made in time. Our last delivery of clothing products to you was on 24th January, 2012 and we raised an invoice of $25,000 for the same. The invoice number is #12456778. We would appreciate it if you could send the money via a funds transfer immediately as we are in urgent need of cash to meet the mortgage payments in time.